Bo Bichette skipped his freshman year of high school to hit big league bombs

Normal 15-year-olds go to high school five days a week and deal with world-ending problems like homework, relationships, and trying to make the all-important freshman team.

Back in 2013, Blue Jays prospect Bo Bichette wasn’t a normal 15-year-old. Instead of starting high school the traditional way, Bichette spent the bulk of the year going to work with his dad, Dante, a four-time All-Star outfielder who at the time was serving as the Rockies hitting coach.

Dante, who retired after the 2001 season, accepted the Rockies job in Nov. 2012 and said he had immediate regrets about missing his family when he arrived in spring training. Those regrets vanished when Bo not only showed up at Coors Field, but became a valued member of the organization.

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With his seventh inning triple, Cody Bellinger became the first Dodger rookie to complete the cycle. The triple was not shy of Bellinger, and I am starting to think that this guy might be what the scouts call “good.”

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