Chargers need to leave knack for late collapses back in San Diego

Things really do look different for the Los Angeles Chargers, as pointed out here following their opening-night loss in Denver. There is reason for optimism, even in a rugged division, and new coach Anthony Lynn is, in fact, a big reason.

But as that Monday night loss to the Broncos showed, there’s still a lot of the old San Diego Chargers left in this team in its new home. When you need a heart-breaking, soul-crushing last-second defeat, they’re still the go-to team.

If this team ever figures out how to finish those games and turn those losses into wins, they’ll be well on their way to contention. However, this is the third straight year that’s been true for them. Seeing is believing, in Los Angeles just like it was to the south.

Mowins brings 26 years of sports journalism and play-by-play experience at the college level to her NFL debut. She has also been calling preseason games for the Oakland Raiders since 2015.

How did Mowins get into play-by-play? She was inspired by former Miss America Phyllis George, who was a reporter for The NFL Today on CBS with Brent Musberger and Irv Cross. Seeing a woman on TV talking about football made Mowins think that could be her path, also, and she got an early start.

“And that was when I sort of got into my head that maybe this was something I could do as a career,” Mowins said. “I had a Mr. Microphone one year for Christmas, and that’s when I first started calling games. It would be out in my backyard, whether it was kickball or wiffle ball, or we had a basketball hoop out in front, or we were playing football with all the kids in the neighborhood.”

Gale Sierens was the last woman to call an NFL game, a matchup between the Seahawks and the Chiefs, back in 1987. Now it’s Mowins’ turn.

What does this opportunity mean for Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys Mowins? She understands what this moment means to women and girls who dream of finding Cheap Football Jerseys a place in sports broadcasting, and especially play-by-play.

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