Awkward photo of Bill Belichick and Roger Goodell is hilarious

We all know the feeling when you’re forced to be near someone you don’t like.

That’s probably how Bill Belichick was feeling Monday morning during the Patriots’ Super Bowl LI trophy presentation.

New England’s coach had to sit next to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and this hilariously awkward photo was the result.

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It took Bill Parcells just four years to build the Giants into the champions Cheap Kids Jerseys that he imagined. But the most important ingredient was in place when he arrived. Lawrence Taylor had been drafted in 1981, the second player chosen behind South Carolina running back George Rogers, and he began making Pro Bowls from his rookie year. By 1986 he was the most feared defensive player in the league. He sacked the quarterback 20.5 times that season and was unanimously named the NFL’s MVP.

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