49ers’ John Lynch hire proves again owners make their own rules

You probably thought there were rules to this business of hiring general managers and other front-office executives in the NFL. The league and its teams make it seem as if there are rules.

But there are no rules. There never have been. There have been policies, and suggestions, and initiatives, and time-honored practices, and usually even standards. But in the end, whoever the owner wants, the owner gets.

Jed York wanted John Lynch, so Jed York hired John Lynch.

If it matters to you or anybody else that John Lynch, the new general manager of the 49ers, has zero experience in any aspect of the job so what If it matters that people who want to become NFL general managers spend years paying dues to get into position to get that job, believing it’s what teams want tough.

Ajayi seemed to be in on the fun, putting his arm out like he was Superman. It Cheap Jerseys In The US was all fun and games until the defensive players just dropped him like a sack of potatoes.

The strange Turkish chef went viral earlier for his videos where he does entirely too much with the meats he deals with. One video in particular got attention for the way he sprinkled salt, and it instantly became a hit.

Michael Bennett has been flagged and fined for his pumping celebrations, but the Pro Bowl is different. With positive vibes being sent out everywhere, the Seahawks defensive end was allowed to pump all he wanted, and he wasn’t held to just two.

Lewis was drafted in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL Draft by the Eagles. He was traded two years later to the NFL abyss in Cleveland, where he was eventually cut.

One year later, the Colts signed him but apparently saw enough after one Cheap Jerseys Made In USA week and gave him another pink slip.

It was the 2015 offseason when New England gave Lewis a shot. He moved from the futures-reserve list to the 53-man roster and started his first game in Week 1, in place of the suspended LeGarrette Blount.

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