Lakers aren’t planning to trade for Paul George

The worst-kept secret in the NBA is that Paul George wants to play for the Lakers starting in the 2018-19 season. Knowing that, it looks like the Lakers have zero intention of trading for him this offseason.

They’ll have cap space for George next season, so to give up Quality Cheap Jerseys assets this year doesn’t play into what the Lakers want to do for their future.

The Rockets would still like to acquire Paul George at this point, but if they can’t add him, they would likely try to add other players to improve upon their roster even more. Maybe Redick is the one who helps them improve.

Houston already added former Clippers guard Chris Paul in a trade Wednesday.

Whether their impending quarterback problems land in Keim’s lap or Bruce Arians’, the Cardinals are going to have to address the position before the roster Keim built misses a golden opportunity. The clock is also ticking on Larry Fitzgerald’s career, but the drafting (David Johnson, mainly) and signings have been so solid that the Cardinals have a chance to keep contending.

This ranking has a chance to zoom up if Deshaun Watson becomes the player — and franchise quarterback — most believe he will. As it’s been mentioned more than Smith surely ever wants to hear, everything else is in place for the Texans to make a Super Bowl run. However, Bill O’Brien is on the Rugby Cheap Jerseys hot seat, because of the quarterback quagmire, and Smith will be judged on how he handles the head coaching situation, if it becomes one.

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