Matt Barnes on DeMarcus Cousins trade: ‘That was a bad way it went down’

Shockwaves were felt throughout the NBA community when the Kings traded DeMarcus Cousins to the Pelicans for a less-than-stellar package. It turns out Cousins’ teammates were just as surprised as everyone else.

Former Kings and current Warriors forward Matt Barnes has played for nine teams over his 13-year career. He told ESPN’s Chris Haynes he had never seen a team treat a player in such a misleading fashion.

“That was bad. That was a bad way it went down,” Barnes said of the trade. “But you know, my hat’s off to DeMarcus the way he handled it. To give everything he gave to that franchise and for it to go down the way it went down at the end is a tough pill to swallow. But he stayed professional and said the right things. Even though he may have felt another way, he said the right stuff and that’s all that matters.”

Leading up to the trade deadline, Kings general manager Vlade Divac was adamant Cousins would not be dealt. He put it in the clearest terms possible: “We’re Cheap Jackie Robinson Jerseys not trading DeMarcus. We hope he’s here for a Cheap Jerseys Basketball long time.”

That changed quickly, though, when trade talks picked up shortly after the NBA All-Star Game. Cousins found out about a possible deal when he sat down in front of a throng of media immediately following the West’s victory over the East. Cousins later called the trade a “coward move” and wished the Kings had talked to him “like a professional.”

Barnes wasn’t as strong with his wording, but he seemed to feel the same way.

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